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Dewey's Read-a-Thon - Hour 4 - Mini-Challenge #3

Book Spine Poetry from CapriciousReader

"One of my all time favorite mini-challenges is the Spine Poetry challenge. Even though I am terrible at poetry. So, when I saw no one had suggested it, I snatched it up. So, what IS spine poetry? For newbies, it is where you take a select number of books and use the titles to make a poem! Easy peasy! See:


And I’m horrible at poetry. So you have totally got this!
Make some poetry. Take a picture. Post it on your blog. And link up to it here. I will pick a winner in the 2:00 EST hour."

Since I am Portuguese and most of my books are Portuguese, I'll have to do it in my language. I'll translate it to English!

Portuguese Version:

Viagem Sem Regresso,
(Ao) Jardim das Sombras,
(Em) Terra dos Sonhos.
Dezanove Minutos
(De) Fúria Divina
A Um Deus Desconhecido.
(Com a) Noite da Alma.
(Ass.:) A Filha dos Mundos

English Version

A Trip with no Return,
(To) the Garden of Shadows,
(On the) Land of Dreams.
Nineteen Minutes
(Of) Divine Fury
To an Unknown God.
(With the) Night of the Soul.
(By) The Daughter of the Worlds

And the picture! I hope you like it!

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