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Dewey's Read-a-Thon - Hour 7 - Mini-Challenge #6 and Updates!

Update: I'm done with The King's Hounds! What a wonderful book that is. Hour 7 begins and I feel a little sleepy, but I will do my best. Also, in Portugal, it's near dinner time, so  I will probably have to leave for some time, but I'll try to keep online and later do the mini-challenges :)
The night is approaching and I should turn on the light, but my cat is so happy by the window that I don't have the courage to close the blinds!

Mini-challenge! Read-a-Thon Mad Libs from Nisaba Be Praised

"Here’s what you’re gonna do:
1) pick a paragraph (not too long) from the book you’re reading
2) remove some/most of the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, and either
3a) get a friend (in person, over the phone, over the internet–whatever!) to fill in the words for you mad-libs style or
3b) fill them in yourself from the spoiler-texted word list below
4) post your hilarious paragraph on your blog and link us to it or leave it in a comment here!"

So, since I'm reading a book in Portuguese, let me grab my next English book to do so :)

Here it is!

"Warlock!", reads Nate, jumping of the brisk love potion. Lisa splats at me eruditely.

Hehehe it almost makes sense :) The original sentence was:
"Shakespeare!" shouts Nate, jumping of the black SUV. Lisa looks at me curiously.

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