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[Dewey's Read-a-Thon] Update of the last few hours...

... because I fell asleep during hour 16!

Hour 15


For this challenge, share a picture that captures the way you imagine a particular bookish world.

Sevenwaters, of course! A beautiful land, filled with foggy forests and crystal lakes... All credits to the creator of this beautiful picture, you can find it here.

Hour 16

1. Turn to page 35 in your current read.
2. Find sentence #3.
3. That’s the first sentence of a little piece of writing! It doesn’t matter if that’s a short story, a poem, the introduction to something bigger… anything creative counts. Bonus points if you make it a totally different genre to your original read!

Well, I am sorry for all the non-Portuguese speakers around there, but I will have to do this in Portuguese, since the book is in Portuguese, and I just woke up, I'm not feeling that brilliant to write something creative in English :)

"Acumulados em taças à porta de todas as casas, repousam à espera da visita dos cristaleiros, cuja função é a de entregá-los nas mãos dos donos, como se fossem carteiros."
Estes cristais eram, à primeira vista, algo tosco e baço, mas quando as pessoas a quem estavam destinados lhes tocavam, o seu aspecto tornava-se delicado e elegante. No manual de instruções que cada pessoa recebia ao nascer, as instruções para o uso deste cristal eram muito simples: deveria ser transportado sempre junto ao corpo, independentemente da maneira como era usado. Uma única regra, tão simples, e mesmo assim tão necessária. É que estes cristais não eram uns cristais quaisquer. A sua função era alimentar-se dos sentimentos humanos, para que os seus donos se pudessem manter equilibrados, numa apatia eterna. Quantos mais sentimentos negativos, mais depressa o cristal se deteriorava, até ser desfeito em pó, mas a estufa onde os cristais eram criados sabia quando os criar, e quando tudo o que restava do cristal era nada senão a recordação de um pó negro, já o seu dono tinha um novo.

Hour 17

Show me your spot.

Hour 18

The challenge for this hour was to guess some books from a TBR pile, but I was already sleeping. Still, I won a prize, as a door winner, so, yay!

Hour 19

Take your book, or even more than one if you're feeling daring, and balance it carefully on some part of your anatomy. Quick take a photo before it falls.

I am ever so sorry, but I don't really feel like it :( I really like the challenge, but I'm just not in the mood to photograph myself (yeah, I woke up less than an hour ago!).

Hour 20

So what is Book Jenga I hear you mumble? Basically, just build the most impressive tower of books you can, then take a photo (or you can video it if you're BookTubing)

Hour 21

In this challenge, you will be taking a picture by "acting" out a scene (or character) from the current book you are reading.
You can use anyone or anything to help you. The only rule is: You HAVE to be in the picture. Oh yeah...the other rule is, HAVE FUN!

Same thing as Hour 18, and also I have absolutely no idea how to act out a scene from "A Ilha de Melquisedech".

Hour 22

All you need to do is list FIVE books that take place on FIVE different continents. Fill out the Rafflecopter form, listing your books (include the book title & author so I can verify) and list which continent the book takes place on.

Dracula, by Bram Stoker - Romania (not only, but also) - Europe
The Island, by Victoria Hislop - Greece - Europe
The Lady of the Camellias, by Alexandre Dumas - France - Europe
The House of Special Purpose, by John Boyne - Russia and other European countries
The Remedy, by Michelle Lovric - England and Italy - Europe

I misunderstood and by mistake thought it was five different countries. But well, I still had fun!

Hour 23

This is when I woke up, but I couldn't read a thing, because I spent so much time doing the challenges!

Inspired by the site, your challenge is to pick one of the books you've read (or are currently reading) during the Readathon and come up with a Better Book Titles-esque name for it.

It should be named "God gives nuts to those who don't have teeth...", a Portuguese saying, meaning "what a waste". You should say this of a person who has a wonderful opportunity and doesn't know what to do with it.

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