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Dewey's Read-a-Thon: Hour 5


A Puzzling Challenge
Welcome to "Just One More Thing..." 
and my mini-challenge for Deweys 24-Hour Readathon.  

Our son is getting married in just five weeks, so my mind is focused on all things wedding.  I'm even seeing wedding plans in book titles. The book covers below are  all missing one or more words.  Each missing word is something associated with weddings.  Can you replace the missing words?  (Hint: One missing word is in the author's name rather than the book title.)

List the thirteen missing words in the comments, or leave a link to where I can find your list.   You can also tweet the list or link to me (@mrschupa).  Please use the hashtag #RATpuzzle. 

A winner will be chosen by random drawing from all correct entries, and will receive a $15 gift card to Barnes and Noble or The Book Depository.  The challenge will remain open until the beginning of hour 8 (2:00 p.m. central time) and the winner will be posted by the start of hour 9.  Check back here at 3:00 p.m. central time to see if you're the lucky bride, or if you're a bridesmaid once again.

1. A Vow of Glory
2. The Gown of Glory
3 and 4. Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake
5. The Girl with all the Gifts
6. The Lord of the Rings
7. The Painted Veil
8. Father of the Bride
9. The Girl Next Door
10. Winston Groom
11. The Bell Jar
12. The Language of Flowers
13. Busman's Honeymoon

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