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Dewey's Read-a-Thon: Hour 8



Reading a book is undoubtedly one of my favorite methods of travel. One page, one sentence, and I am in the world of a story. No matter my mood, a book transports me. I have encountered mythical creatures, unbelievable worlds, and characters that I never want to say goodbye to.

Unsurprisingly, next to reading, another of my passions is travel. As a travel agent, I plan trips to Italy, Hawaii, Australia, even Iceland. But the places I’d most like to travel to don’t exactly exist…

This challenge seems simple: if money and time were no object (you’ve won the biggest lottery jackpot ever, and your boss is totally fine with you taking all of the time off work you need), where would you go to experience your favorite book(s) or series? Fictional places count too, of course.

But now you have to choose: do you explore Narnia before taking in a couple classes at Hogwarts? Do you travel to New Zealand, where they filmed parts of the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Do you trace the route the pilgrims took in The Canterbury Tales, or visit London and the Charles Dickens Museum? Tell me where you’d like to go, why you’d like to go there, and how long you’d like to stay (even though sometimes the answer is “forever!”)

I would spend at least two months at Hogwarts alone, taking detours from learning magic to the enchanting towns of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. I would spend a few weeks learning from the helldivers of Lykos on Mars in the world of Red Rising. Finally I would return to the “real” world, making a world tour of literary cafés and bookstore restaurants everywhere.

Hmmmm, this is a difficult one. I have a lot of worlds that I like and I'd be eager to explore, so I can't really decide on a few ones. Between the mentioned Hogwarts and The Lord of the Ring's New Zealand, I would love to go to Ephemera (Anne Bishop), as well as other of her world, like Namid. I would visit and stay for as longs as I could in Juliet Marillier's sweet lands. All of them! Visit the England of Oscar Wilde, and the Russia of Dostoievski. I would try to visit almost every single place that seemed comfy on my books. And I'd probably return to real life... but certainly to no boss!

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