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abril 29, 2017

So, I'm finally home! I'm only starting on Hour 3, although I did read a few pages during Hour 2, but that was on the way home. I am now almost cozy, and ready to start!

I had a great time this morning reading the warm up post at Dewey's. In fact, I am starting Hour 3 listening to Platform Nine-and-Three Quarters and The Journey to Hogwarts by John Williams! What a great idea and thank you for your effort, Lizz.

HOUR 3 - Beautiful Day For A Book

The weather here is sunny but lots of wind. That is a shame, really. I wanted it to be raining, as it was supposed to be! What else do you need, when you have rain, books and cats? Nothing!

Reading: The Song of Troy, by Colleen McCullough

Challenge: What I want you to do is think of a book. Now, with no googling or shelf-searching, you need to draw it. You don't need to be an artist! Let's be real, the uglier it is, the funnier it is. Imaginary bonus points if you use MS Paint.

Ok, so I really suck at drawing... and it's even worse in the computer! 

Resultado de imagem para a luz stephen king biblioteca sábado

I can see no difference 😂


I am supposed to be a part of my very own Off the Shelves! Challenge, but, so far... I believe I am failing a lot. I've been buying less books, but somehow the pile just doesn't get smaller.

Reading: The Song of Troy, by Colleen McCullough

Challenge: Write a short story/paragraph describing a meet-up between your current read’s main character and your last read’s main character. It’s gonna be either chaos or awesomeness, right?
Do they instantly click and become besties? Do they throw around snark? Do the they attempt to murder each other within eight seconds? Let’s find out!

Oh, no! The Song of Troy has a lot of different characters, so I'm choosing the one that voices the current chapter I'm reading. It will be Príamo - I have no idea how the name was translated into English. The last book was Crown of Midnight, so we'll have Caleana Sardothien! This will be fun!

- Bring her to me - said Príamo, the King.
- I don't believe that's a good idea... - started the counselor.
- I didn't ask for your opinion! - shouted Príamo. - I may be old but I am still fresh. I demand to see the girl.
That was when a young woman, surrounded by guards, entered the room. She had the most sweet face, with big blue eyes and golden hair. She looked like an angel.
- This? - spitted Príamo. - This is what is supposed to kill Ulisses? - and he started to laugh like a maniac.
The angel-like face was gone in a second. With a mortal look in her eyes, the girl was faster than the wind and reached for the knife hidden in her.
- This - she said, in a supernatural yet divine voice - is Celaena Sardothien - and she threw the knife in Príamo's direction.

What happens next? *drumrolls*


The last one was a difficult hour for me! My eyes started to close a little bit - I know, it's still too soon to nap! I was saved by raisins. Everytime I started to close my eyes, I would eat 3 or 4 raisins and that would keep me awake a few more minutes.

Reading: Just finished The Song of Troy, by Colleen McCullough. I don't know what I am starting next.

Challenge: Your challenge is to create a six-word celebration of Dewey's Read-a-Thon. Go on, you know you want to!

Thanks Dewey's, for making life wonderful!

Because without books life would be terrible. And having a reason to read 24 hours straight... I just love this Read-a-Thon!


So I managed to keep awake the whole time! Ready for Hour 6! We now must set some goals for the next few hours. I really want to go to the bathroom! 😆 And I would love to finish the book I started just now. Of course I want to participate in all the mini-challenges and my boyfriend is coming over, so he'll be doing some hours with me.

Reading: Amor Impossível, by E.L. Woods

Challenge: Stand up, have a stretch, step into your garden/yard, or just over to a window, and take a snap of the weather, along with a book whose colour, title, author, cover, or something a little less obvious matches that matches what you can see.

The sky is blue but full of clouds. So I thought, why not a plane? There you go!


Another hour went by and yes, I did it awake! The secret is to keep myself away from my bed - as easy as that. I guess that the best thing this hour will bring me is my boyfriend, who has just arrived at my house, and maybe dinner? 😊

Reading: Amor Impossível, by E.L. Woods

Challenge: So, you lit lovin’ lovelies – fit yer face, yer mom’s face, yer dog’s face into the cover of a book, snap a pic and post it on social media.  Use the hashtag BookYerFace and link to your post here in the comments.

Awwww, this sucks! The only decent cover I had for this one, I used in on a past Dewey's! The face is a lot bigger than mine but yeah... It was fun!


I will probably not read this hour. Dinner has to be made, things must be cleaned - and, although I really want to marathon through the 24 hours, I may need to go out tonight.

Reading: Amor Impossível, by E.L. Woods

Challenge: For this challenge, I want to hear about the books that inspire and empower you. The books that—when you turn the last page—make you feel recharged. The books that motivate you to jump up and go get it, whatever the referent for “it” is.
Classic Books, Modern Wisdom

The books that inspire me... those will always be the same. Juliet Marillier, Anne Rice, Anne Bishop, Oscar Wilde - everything they write is magic and I always feel that spark when I read one of their books.


After this, it will be my break. I must leave but I will certainly come back. And I'll try to read as much as I can in the next few hours.

Reading: Amor Impossível, by E.L. Woods

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