Dewey's Read-a-Thon - Almost Here!

outubro 21, 2017

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Less than two hours for the beginning of Dewey's! I am beyond happy with this. I tried to get as much sleep as I could this night (only managed to sleep around 10 hours), woke up at 10 a.m. and made soup and prepared some snacks and made a lot of coffee and cleaned the house so that, at 1 p.m., I can start the 24 hours adventure.

👉 Snacks

I'll try not to snack that much, otherwise I know I'll spend half of my time eating. So, I only have Skittles, some slices of cake and dried pear to snack every once in a while. Hopefully I'll stick to these snacks and will not go running to chocolate, cookies, mini croissants, chocolate bars or yogurts. Wish me luck - just the thought of so many good things is making me think twice. Gotta be strong!

Also, I made soup so I have a fast and healthy meal for dinner today and lunch tomorrow. This way I won't be wasting time cooking. On top of this, lots of coffee and chocolate soy milk will make my day.

👉 Reading Spots

Most of my reading will be done in the living room, spread on the couch. This way I'm closer to my bookshelves but also is where my laptop is, and as I'm lazy, I don't feel like moving the laptop nowhere else 😆 Easy access to the kitchen, easy access to books and computer, and a lot of light - this, my blanket and my cats and Dewey's is paradise.

👉 Books

So I will definitely finish the Mummy, by Anne Rice, since I am very close to the end of it. I also want to read two e-books, Sonhos Malditos by Carina Rosa and one of horror by Henry Alfred Bugalho, which will make me very afraid of being home alone - at least that's what I'm hoping for 😈  I believe these three I'll be able to read before dinner tonight, and from there I'll see what I feel like reading. Most likely, I'll continue reading The Countess by Rebecca Johns and start a Joe Hill e-book.
I'm still in doubt if I should read Sleep, Pale Sister by Joanne Harris, I started it a while ago but didn't make it too far... we'll see.

👉 Surroundings

So my TV will be turned on on Fox Comedy all day long. Not that I pay too much attention to it but I like having background noise. I remembered last year there was a post about playlists on Spotify to listen to while reading, but this year I will not try it. I end up not paying attention at all to the music and even though it's also background noise, well... don't judge me, but I just prefer the television with The Simpsons or Family Guy (or New Girl Jess, since it's what's on right now) on the background.

And I believe is it just about this. I'm going to take some pics of the TBR just in case I feel like posting them later and will try and relax a little bit before the adventure. I can't wait for it to begin!

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