Às Quartas na Amazon #1

fevereiro 27, 2013

Decidi retomar a jornada pelo fantástico mundo da Amazon, e lembrei-me de partilhar convosco os títulos mais interessantes que vou encontrando. Espero que vos interesse algum! Estão em inglês, eu sei que nem toda a gente se sente confortável a ler em inglês, mas ficam aqui as informações. Para acederem ao e-book basta carregarem nas capas, e vão dar à página para fazerem o download.

The Shadow Killer, de Mary C. Moore

"There is more than meets the eye living in the underbelly of the city. In this urban fairy tale you will spend the night with a homeless girl and discover what skitters and hisses just outside your window."

Deadling with Elves, de Kiti Lappi

"There was a forest near the city, a small forest, but one with a fascinating lore to it. The lore hinted at elves, and Sylvia had always wanted to find out if there was any truth to that.
And lately that draw had grown stronger. It was as if something, or somebody, wanted her there.
Her grandmother begged her to stay away, but what harm could come from a little bit of exploration?
Maybe Sylvia should have listened to her grandmother. 
For when dealing with elves humans are usually the ones who end up paying the higher price.
This is a short story."

The Queen and the Castle, de Timothy Wilson

"The D'rolock Empire, a vast and rapidly expanding empire, has invaded the kingdom of Argonna, occupying the castle of its capital and imprisoning the Queen of Argonna, Fiora Durassil, within its highly guarded keep. Victor Mansfield, the king of the nearby kingdom of Dalmar, executes a risky plan to sneak into the occupied castle and rescue Queen Fiora. All goes according to plan at first, but the seemingly unwitting empire has a plan of its own.
It is up to Victor to improvise a change of plan and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles just to stay alive, let alone accomplishing his goal. He soon finds himself in need of rescuing as all hope of escaping the confines of the castle evaporates into thin air in this short but exciting tale by author Timothy Wilson."

Once Upon Another World, de Shiva Winters

"'Truth is stranger than fiction', these words are an axiom on which a great many things may pivot. For Raven Sinclair these words have long since become a credo, a principle philosophy by which he has lived much of his life. As a creator of fiction, it might seem to some that these words would fade when faced with the realities he creates in his novels. But the Truth of his own reality is in fact stranger than the fiction he creates. Gifted with more than five senses, an outcast by choice, and someone compelled by a driving force he does not understand, Raven's truth is about to become a great deal more like the fiction he has created.
A single decision leads to events he could never have predicted and shoves him into motion down a path that he has unknowingly been following even before he was born. And it leads him to the last thing he could have expected, the long awaited love of his life. He finds her in the very last place he might have thought to look, as part of a government conspiracy to capture and control people just like him. All too soon he must confront a government that wants nothing more than to make him a toy soldier, a past he knew nothing about, a reality far bigger than he could ever imagine, and forces that will alter him and the way he looks at the world around him forever.
And even though for a time his changed life becomes quiet once more the forces of destiny are still guiding him along a path that leads right into the darkness. An ancient evil has been stirred up from the forgotten worlds and cosmic dust to strike at the very heart of his world, and it is not in his destined path to run from it."

Este é o primeiro livro da série Salak'patan. Para já ainda não encontrei a continuação, mas pela sinopse deste, espero bem que haja...

The Taint - Sorrow's Child, de Georgina Anne Taylor

"Found guilty of witchcraft, Lilith, a young orphan and an indentured servant, is minutes away from being hung. But destiny disagrees…
Rescued, she is guided to Branwen Tower where Ge-Iad, a powerful sorcerer, awaits her. It seems Lilith has found true happiness at last: a home free from persecution and a mentor who will teach her how to use her newfound magic.
But appearances can be deceiving. As the months pass, Lilith becomes aware that beneath the facade of safety lays a dark and disturbing world of demon summoning, corpse collection, and blood ritual.
As Lilith navigates the dangers, she stumbles upon a hidden key and a flask of glowing blue liquid. The items lead to shocking revelation, forcing Lilith to quickly master her fears and her magic. For failure brings a fate worse than death—eternal slavery to the ruthless sorcerer."

Fairy Tales for Freya, de Georgina Anne Taylor

"Deep within a dark and tangled forest where shadows pooled between the ancient trees and black-winged ravens perched high on twisted lichen-covered limbs, a young man lay dying...

Four short fairy tales: The Woman of the Well, The Piper, Crystalline and Slipstream."

Estes dois últimos e-books têm capas lindíssimas, não acham?

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Um livro é muito mais do que um volume transportável. Um livro é uma mala que levamos connosco quando vamos viajar, pois nele temos tudo o que precisamos. Um livro é mais do que um bem comercializável, é o orgulho de carregar a alma em palavras do seu autor. Um livro é mais do que um livro, ao fim e ao cabo. É o nosso pai e a nossa mãe quando se precisa, nunca esperando mais de nós mas sempre lá para nos dar uma lição. É mais do que um amigo, pois não nos julga, não nos faz perguntas; ouve o nosso interior e responde às questões que nem nós sabíamos que tínhamos cá dentro. Um livro é mais do que um amante, duro como a realidade: umas vezes sonhamos e deleitamo-nos nas suas folhas, outras deixamos dobradas, riscadas, magoadas, outras deixamos a um canto e nunca mais olhamos. Desperta em nós uma panóplia de sensações: o toque da capa, da folha; o cheiro das páginas; o prazer da beleza da capa, das letras. Um livro é mais do que isto tudo, e ainda mais do que isso. Porque com ele viajamos, sonhamos, vivemos, aprendemos, amamos, sentimos, choramos e rimos, tudo sem sair do sítio. E uma façanha destas, vinda de algo tão pequeno e tão frágil, é quase comovente.