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Às Quartas na Amazon #2

Cá estamos de volta para explorar que mais e-books nos esperam na Amazon... Estão prontos? Vamos lá começar!

Flame and Fortune, de Brian Clopper

"FLAME AND FORTUNE is a spry fantasy featuring a combustive fire elemental, a hapless were-elf, and a willful will-o’-wisp on a quest to retrieve a lost mortal girl.
Hot-headed Flame is too loud and flashy for his own good, while poor Fenris Fortune is a young elf burdened by a werewolf's curse. Each flee their unsettled lives and meet on the road, where they find a shared knack for hunting down mortal children that have strayed into the Shattered Realm. When the pair are joined by the strong-minded will-o’-wisp, Maleeka, the trio finds themselves battling a sinister foe who threatens to unravel their very reality. 
Their adventure take them from Seeker’s Sanctuary, the capital city where everybody and their nephew has a statue erected for themselves no matter how trivial their heroic deed, to a fantastic endgame at the besieged outpost of Grimhold."

Trilogia The Lost World, de Sonya Sparks

Livro 1, Illusions Come Softly

"Melah awakens alone in a dimly lit room where everything beyond is total darkness. She is in a place called Arifia where the darkness begins. Melah is thrown into a strange world where good must overcome evil in order to survive. Her life becomes uncertain and full of confusion when she have no choice but be a part of stopping something dark and evil before it overtakes the lands."

Livro 2, The Gates of Arifia

"Melah has given birth to the new world’s ruler. The worlds have now collided and the Gates of Arifia is broken. Rukmon and his broods are now free and chaos is spreading quickly. Melah’s world has forever changed as she has given up her son for the sake of man. Will this sacrifice stop the darkness from spreading or has she given up her child in vain?"

Livro 3, New Beginnings

"Melah is now in the new world where darkness is no longer a threat. The world is quiet and peaceful until a dark force disrupts everything forcing her to return to her old world. The world is in ruins, the people are hostile at their abandonment and an old rival has returned. Melah finds herself once again in a world full of uncertainty and confusion. The end has come and defeat is not an option if she wants to survive."

Requiem for Blood, de Alexandra Hope

"Seventeen year old Olivia Cohen has always had an appetite for blood and an aversion to the sun as a human and when she is killed by a mysterious young woman, she awakens and finds her appetite has heightened and her skin is now burned by the sun. Living her life in a colony with other people who live a "vampire-like" lifestyle, she has grown up hunting humans and believing there is a blood so powerful it will turn them from vampire-like into true vampires. On one of Olivia's final nights as a human she meets eighteen year old Troy Evans and is immediately drawn to the unique scent of his blood. Now as an actual vampire, she must learn how to suppress her need to hunt and kill for his sake and decide if his unique blood is worth saving from those who seek it.
Marrying East Asian mythology with Western folklore, this novel has a surprising twist for fans of the paranormal genre!
WARNING: Recommended for upper YA (16+) for dark themes containing blood/violence, language, underage drinking and brief references to sex/teen pregnancy."

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