Às Quartas na Amazon #3

março 13, 2013

Mais uma semana que passou, mais umas sugestões que vos deixo aqui.

Wyrdegrove, de Peter James Cottrell

"Book Description:
'Life on Mars' meets 'The Three Musketeers'. A light hearted historical romp with a fantasy twist following the adventures of two friends who find themselves catapulted back in time to the English Civil War and a world of action, adventure and romance! One reviewer called it, "A book that is full of history but also extremely funny and witty. A book anyone can read. A little gem I stumbled across but couldn't put it down." 
Historical Note:
Whilst 'Wyrdegrove' is a work of historical fantasy many of the events and characters in the novel are based on fact. Royalist and Parliamentarian colonists really did fight each other in Maryland. The Battle of the Severn was fought in 1655 in an area that is now a suburb of Annapolis and was probably one of the last armed clashes of the English Civil War, despite happening in America. The activities of the Parliamentarian privateer Captain William Stagg are taken straight out of the diaries of the Governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony and George Washington's ancestors really were Cavaliers fighting for the Royalist cause."

Lyth: Hymn of the Flesh, de Harrison Roberts

"For eons have I slumbered, only the void of the darkness to embrace my brooding mind. A constellation of dead stars hangs over my head, an eternal requiem for my fallen empire. It is here my body has withered while my spirit has grown venomous, a fermenting poison. Ethereal chains constricting my every muscle have bound me to the pit into which I was cast by my offspring. Unbreakable by my own hands, crafted by my sons and daughters from the permafrost of their mother's ashes, the bindings have held my wrath at bay, until now. The burning eye of the heavens has lured the doom serpent from the endless sand once more. Men rally around their demigods while in the shade of creation a creature of flesh and steel has been born into the mortal coil. With this omen, he will bear the seed of my retribution and germinate my infernal wisdom within the minds of those who have betrayed me. It is he who will bring the world of Lyth to the cleansing flame of my outrage, he who will flay the knowledge of the arcane from the blasphemers' tongues. My rage will echo endlessly in the deeps and shatter the pillars of the land. Like the endless streams that fill the pools of time with fading dreams of men, I will pour my own desire into the maelstrom of fate-- through the dying screams of the slain in my nameless conquest. Let the history of the world be penned in the blood of the unworthy, etched into the stone of ages by their very bones. Come now, creations of man! The mountain beckons you to enter its fathomless depths, to resurrect the titans of old. For this is the destiny of all who dare deceive he who walked away from the light, laughing as he bled: the world of Lyth will bow before me, or break against the might of my searing vengeance!"

Hound of Autumn, de Heather Blackwood

"They say that the moor has eyes. 
It is 1890, and the windswept moors hold dark secrets. Chloe Sullivan is an amateur inventor whose holiday takes a dark turn when her friend and colleague, one of the few female mechanical experts in the British Empire, is murdered.
A black mechanical hound roams the moors, but could it have killed a woman? And what secrets are concealed within the dark family manor? 
Accompanied by her naturalist husband and clockwork cat, Chloe is determined to see her friend’s killer found. 
But some secrets have a terrible cost."

Drip Drop Teardrop, de Samantha Young

"Avery hasn’t had it easy. 
When she was ten years old her parents died in a car crash. Now nine years later her Aunt Caroline is the only family she has left. And Caroline is dying. 
So when Death comes knocking (quite literally) in the form of the damaged and dangerous, Brennus, Avery makes a deal with the reaper in order to save Caroline.
Brennus is an Ankou.
One of the many, once mortal men and women, who were given the choice to become an immortal in exchange for ferrying the dead over into their afterlife. 
Nine years ago Brennus took Avery’s parents and tried to take Avery, but she fought him and won. Amazed by her strength Brennus followed Avery and has watched over her. 
Now he knows Avery is the one to offer him freedom from his obligation to the dead. 
And he’ll stop at nothing to have her."

The Curse of Wonderland, de Shayne Donovan

"Wonderland was the place every child dreamt of visiting. A fairy tale that held promise of a talking rabbit and singing flowers.
Alex remembers the story from when she was a child but cant believe that the land she is forced into is the same place. Kidnapped and taken into the land she finds herself pinned in the middle of a war between the red queen and the white king and she is the winning prize. 
When given the chance to leave will Alex stay and fight?"

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Um livro é muito mais do que um volume transportável. Um livro é uma mala que levamos connosco quando vamos viajar, pois nele temos tudo o que precisamos. Um livro é mais do que um bem comercializável, é o orgulho de carregar a alma em palavras do seu autor. Um livro é mais do que um livro, ao fim e ao cabo. É o nosso pai e a nossa mãe quando se precisa, nunca esperando mais de nós mas sempre lá para nos dar uma lição. É mais do que um amigo, pois não nos julga, não nos faz perguntas; ouve o nosso interior e responde às questões que nem nós sabíamos que tínhamos cá dentro. Um livro é mais do que um amante, duro como a realidade: umas vezes sonhamos e deleitamo-nos nas suas folhas, outras deixamos dobradas, riscadas, magoadas, outras deixamos a um canto e nunca mais olhamos. Desperta em nós uma panóplia de sensações: o toque da capa, da folha; o cheiro das páginas; o prazer da beleza da capa, das letras. Um livro é mais do que isto tudo, e ainda mais do que isso. Porque com ele viajamos, sonhamos, vivemos, aprendemos, amamos, sentimos, choramos e rimos, tudo sem sair do sítio. E uma façanha destas, vinda de algo tão pequeno e tão frágil, é quase comovente.